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"Spacefarer" to Premiere at Opening Night of the Queens World Film Festival

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Our short film "Spacefarer" is premiering at the Queens World Film Festival on March 21st at 7PM a the Museum of The Moving Image (MoMI) in the gorgeous Redstone Theater located at 36-01 35th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11106. This is our return to our favorite film festival, having had our previous film "Violetta" screened at QWFF 2018.

"Spacefarer" is the story of young boy Ethan (Pierson Salvador), who is obsessed with leaving planet Earth via a spaceship he has built in the forest by his home. A local bully, Brandon (Declan Eells), convinces him that he can supply an engine part which will enable the spaceship to fly. During negotiations, Ethan meets Eva (Evangeline Young), a mistreated young girl who could inspire something in him that he did not expect – a reason to stay.

The Queens World Film Festival is turning nine in 2019 and includes an annual multi day/multi venue festival, youth-oriented educational initiatives and year round screening opportunities for QWFF filmmakers, past and present. The festival is programmed in thematic blocks with evocative titles, and each program is followed by a post-screening dialogue to engage audiences from the demographically diverse communities that comprise the borough of Queens. Each year the festival has a very robust submission session, with films coming from all over the globe, 63 nations to date, including Cuba, Franc, Spain, Serbia, Korea, Bangladesh, China, Italy, the Ukraine, Iran, Scotland, Belgium, Finland and the UK to name just a few.In every year’s festival there are tender films, heartbreaking films, and several works that are extremely provocative, maybe even, disturbing and the selections tie us into conversations people are having around the world via the real stars of the festival: the films. It’s about surrendering to the films, without looking for familiar names, titles, scores. It’s about creating the right context for personal, intimate films grouped together for a cinematic experience you will not get anywhere else on the planet.The 9th Annual Queens World Film Festival returns to the Museum of the Moving Image in both the Redstone theatre and the Bartos screening room as well as the historic Zukor Theatre at the Kaufman Astoria Studios located right next door for 11 days of exciting indie films - March 21 - 31, 2019. Strategically placed between the two venues is the fabled Astor Room with incredible food and special discounts just for QWFF participants and attendees. The festival village is located in the Astoria Arts District which is subway close and easy to find via foot or in your car (Yes, there is street and metered parking!). - from QWFF website

We will be screening in the Opening Night - Worldly Vision block alongside "Sluggish Life", by Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Mehri Deravi, "Deeply Absurd Lucidity" by Egyptian filmmaker Sammy Sayed, "Tsar Bomba" by Swiss filmmaker Oskar Rosettie and the Canadian filmmaker Marianne Farley's "Marguerite", which is nominated for Short Film Academy Award (live action) 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you there for a great night of cinema!

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