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"Life Sick" Live Streaming on Tonight & Sunday!

Updated: May 1, 2023

Life Sick (2003) is the story of two junkies who are in search of love as their addictions prove to destroy all hopes of connection and make them vulnerable to the unwanted desires of others. It will air tonight, July 22nd at 11pm and 1am and then again on Sunday July 23rd at 11pm and 1am on

8ball TV's Mission (from 8ball Community website):

8-Ball Community Inc. is an independent not-for-profit organization that — through free, open-access platforms and events — nurtures and supports a community of artists. We provide virtual and physical meeting sites for people of all ages, gender and backgrounds. Our mission is to generate collaborative and educational exchange through public access television and radio stations, an imprint, a self publishing fair, a public library, an internship program, a residency and series of workshops in art-related trades. 8-Ball Community operates free of elitism and is governed by its participants. 8-Ball Zine Fair started in 2012 at Grand Billiards in Brooklyn, NY. Always happens in a pool hall, and has been reproduced in other cities around the world, including Tokyo and San Francisco. The Drop Off table, placed at the centre of the fair, also represents the core of the community, un-selected and free, allows everyone to participate and show their work.

A Brief History 8 Ball came from an un-planned and spontaneous decision made by three friends to help a small Billiard Hall in Brooklyn from going out of business. Between January and July of 2012, Grand Billiard hosted events, parties, screenings, launches and other sorts of gatherings. Then in June of that year, they decided to invite local publishers and artists to show and sell their products on the pool tables. This was the first 8-Ball zine fair. The fair now repeats twice a year in NYC and once in SF. 8-Ball Community has expanded since then, producing other events, a radio station, a public access TV, workshops, parties, libraries, books, zines, a gallery, a members-only club and a special newsstand that sold only self publications and lived for 7 months in the subway system of NY, The Newsstand, now reproduced as an installation part of the New Photography 2015 show at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Goals and Standards - Everyone is welcome - 8-Ball is a group effort - We constantly expand our community - We have no elitism - We have no borders - We work against privileges based on race, religion, sex, class or ability - We are looking for no profit - We do not have any association with brands - We are against the competitive environment of the capitalistic world - We believe the process is more important then the end result - We want to inspire others to make even better projects - We're here to learn from each other - We want to help maintain the value of physical things in a virtual society

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