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Shhhh! Lehmann Film's Work with Libraries

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Lehmann Film Productions has worked with Libraries, including The New York Public Library and The Roosevelt Public Library. Below is a video we created for Jefferson Market Library in Manhattan, New York. It was inspired by the Macabre history of the building.

This video went on to inspire the NYPL to produce "Milstein Suspense Trailer" in 2012, see below.

"History has secrets... but secrets don’t stay hidden if you know where to look...

The Library's Milstein Division staff are very excited to present a movie trailer-style promotional video, which debuted this week on YouTube. We've loved the videos that other NYPL divisions and neighborhood libraries have made — especially Jefferson Market Library’s Haunted Library video — and were inspired to make our own. After writing the script, we contacted some great people in the film and television industry, and they were willing to help us out." - Carmen Nigro, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy

Over the years we have also worked with The Roosevelt Public Library on Long Island, New York, documenting several of their community events.

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