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"Violetta" Trailer Release

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

"Violetta" is a short film, written and directed by Aaron Lehmann, about a young girl who is coming of age via her voyeuristic obsessions, which transport her out of a tragic home life. It is being created as part of the Stony Brook University | Killer Films graduate program in New York City.

Violetta lives with her father, Diego (Jorge Alvarado), in a claustrophobic apartment and neighborhood in Queens, New York. After the loss of her Mother a few years ago, her Father has developed a drinking problem and she, as a result, has grown increasingly introverted and socially phobic. It is a coming of age story that showcases Violetta's developing obsessions with a Dominatrix, who lives across the street, and a young skater boy, Justin (Peter Louis Shaw), who practices nearby her home. These obsessions may be pathways for her escape, as things becoming increasingly anarchic at home.


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